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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hillary Clinton "wrong" about Gen Y

"If your generation were as apathetic as rumored to be, we’d expect you to work less, go to college less, and fall behind your peers in other countries. But the opposite is true. Kids today are working harder than Baby Boomers did when they were your age. More go to college and more are working–and an amazing number of you are doing both, simultaneously working nearly full-time while carrying a full courseload at college."

"Dear Graduates: Hillary Has Got You All Wrong"

Comments on "Hillary Clinton "wrong" about Gen Y"


Anonymous Christine Hierlmaier Nelson said ... (11:21 AM) : 

The only reason Gen Y may have a perceived sense of entitlement is due to the number of Boomers who screwed up their marriages and fed their guilt with toys and stuff for their kids and built them up with self-esteem B.S. instead of setting limits and dishing out discipline like good parents should. Talk about self-absorbed. We should call Boomers the Divorced Generation. So Gen Y, it's not your fault if life isn't handing you what you believe you deserve. It's just the lie your parents fed you along with cartoons and Atari.


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