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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Waiting for the boomers to step up

"In 2003, a conference was held on Reinventing Aging: Baby Boomers and Civic Engagement. The conveners were concerned about how boomers might involve themselves in volunteering, since that generation had done less civic engagement, including voting, than their parents.

The latest survey results support that concern.It found that older Americans are volunteering less than younger folks but when they volunteer they devote more hours per year to it.The study resurrects the on-going debate about whether boomers as they retire will volunteer more than their parents.

Interestingly, the 35-44 age group has the highest rate of volunteerism at 35 percent. The percentage declines to 25 percent for those 65 and older."

"Fewer Volunteers Do More; Will Boomers Soon Step Up?"

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