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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The curse of boomer politics

Our election campaigns for President of the United States now more closely resemble those idiotic class officer contests we had in high school than the issues-driven campaigns of the past. Nowadays, if it won't look good on a campaign button or sound catchy in a 2-second verbal blip, forget it. I have never seen such obvious pandering to get elected. It reminds me of the girl who promised pizza every day in the lunchroom so she could be class president. Or the kid with a rich father who gave out snazzy ballpoint pens in exchange for a vote. In high school, though, the principal and the teachers still ran the school. The class officers could recommend, but they had no power to enact their wacky ideas. Now they do, ‘cause they're running the government.

"Playground Politics"
American Thinker

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