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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boomers decry advertiser indifference

About 70% of the network's viewers are 40 to 54 years old, ad even if they spend more than the younger generation, they feel neglected by the advertisers. It seems difficult for television advertisement to target boomers who constitute a diverse group with different income brackets and lifestyles.

TV Land's audience is brimming with baby boomers who tune in for an old episode of "Bonanza," "The Andy Griffith Show" or "I Love Lucy." In fact, about 70% of the network's viewers are 40 to 54 years old, said Kimberly Maxwell, TV Land's director of brand and consumer research. And lately this demographic feels it's being snubbed by advertisers, even though boomers outspend other generations by about 2 to 1 across all product categories, she said.

"45% of Boomers Believe That Advertisers Are Ignoring Them"

What planet are these people on? Everytime I turn on the television it's either an anti-aging guru or (yet another) Woodstock-themed SUV commerical...

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