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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reader assails aussie boomers

As an example, look at those heroic baby boomers who would have us believe they brought us into a golden age of enlightenment, happiness and progressive thinking.

For all the stories of their wild challenges to authority and traditional thinking, I'm willing to bet that most did nothing more politically active than get stoned, sleep around, wear stupid headbands and sway their heads to trite and shallow rock anthems about bullfrogs and other nonsense.

After clamoring for free education, they got jobs, cut their hair and started yapping about "uers pays" and "economic rationalism," retreating to their new suburban compounds and reverting to the traditional adult behavior of trying to impress their friends with silverware and tut-tutting about the imminent collapse of society.

"The Children of the Revolution Have Taken a Wrong Turn"
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

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