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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Anti-boomer tirade strikes a nerve

Some boomers think I want them to die. That's not what I meant by "move along." I meant, stop thinking you are the beginning and end of all that is good or selfless or revolutionary. Maybe I should have said that.

That column brought in more than 200 reader responses, broken almost evenly over agreement and disagreement. Well, more like agreement and fury. Some of those who agreed were, in fact, boomers.

"Bornstein: Bruised Boomers Bite Back"
Rocky Mountain News

Editorial is here.

Comments on "Anti-boomer tirade strikes a nerve"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:43 AM) : 

Jack Delargosi (aka B.A.)

This is the truth: Baby boomers are the reincarnation of Sodom and Gomorra. The only thing that kept them from bringing ultimate shame to America was a green illegal plant. Fire with fire phenomenon, I guess. History will judge you right. And before you are dead, you will be aware of how you will be remembered. No generation after the 1900 generation had the luxury to die and not know how they will be assessed. You boomers will not have this luxury either. You suck. Thanks for making the Gen X’s pick up your bill, you narcissistic self-centered bigots. I hope the next generations will treat you with only the minimal respect required to stop the destructive wheel/cycle you put in motion. DO NOT TELL ME YOU RESPECTED YOUR ELDERS!! No boomer respected his/her elders. You were the most disrespectful, instant-gratification generation ever. A shame generation in the history of America. You will get what you have sown. We all do. I love these laws that no level of voting power can change. You boomers are now trying to vote yourself pure, vote yourselves white. Wrong. Not possible. Not even the wealth of your murderer-hero Andrew Carnegie could do that. Please, stop talking. You have talked all your lives. Nothing but talk. Nothing else to show for your existence. But talk. Please, stop bashing the later generations in the hope that you will demoralize them into committing heinous crimes and behaviors. All so you will not look that bad in history books. You do that, knowing well that no generation will ever reach the decadence and moral decay that your generation reached. Be proud – You are not strong, just dirty. Stay that way. Of course, I am just a spoiled little brat. Wrong. I don’t care about you. I just care that now I have to support your wrinkled skin with my hard earned pennies. Remember one more truth that Baby Boomers have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt: Age does not have a direct relation to Wisdom. All you Woodstock Hanoi Janes! Read this! Thanks for welcoming the soldiers home with a shower, of your spit and drug phlegm and mucus. Nice…. Try to exit gracefully… and quietly. And may God have mercy on your souls.


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