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Thursday, June 22, 2006

$800 for your sole...

"For runners, walkers and many other exercisers, a satisfying workout often involves no small amount of abuse to an intricate piece of sports equipment — each foot and its 100-plus parts. So when your heel hurts or your ankle throbs, investing up to $800 in a pair of prescription orthotics, customized insoles designed to slip into a sneaker or shoe, often seems worthwhile.

Advocates say that the surge in custom orthotics has to do with their effectiveness and with growing demand. Baby boomers who participate in more strenuous sports than their forebears did in middle age don't want to be sidelined by foot pain.

But while there is certainly a place for them in many shoes, some foot specialists and athletes say that custom orthotics are overprescribed. Some research indicates that in many cases less expensive prefabricated inserts may work just as well."

"Do You Really Need an $800 Custom Insole?"
New York Times

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