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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Red badge of Alzheimer's

"The Red Patch(TM) Alert is an iron-on emblem worn on the shirt, blouse or jacket much like on a uniform. The patch alerts anyone spotting a wanderer that they are memory challenged and have wandered off. "There is no need to feel your loved one is being labeled as an Alzheimer's patient wearing this patch," say the Glenns. "If they ask what it is, simply tell them it means there has been an angel assigned to them assuring they won't get lost or hurt. We have determined it is this simple: 'lost or labeled - it's your choice.' It is our hope that the public will take it upon themselves to become those self- assigned angels assisting America's memory impaired and that the Red Patch(TM) Alert will increase public awareness much like the Amber Alert has for lost and abducted children."

More than four and one half million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and with Baby Boomers nearing retirement age, these figures are expected to rise to an alarming 25+ million over the next 10 years."

"New Red Patch(TM) Alert for Alzheimer's Patients and the Memory Impaired"

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