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Monday, June 19, 2006

Boomer: The WWII generation wasn't so "great"

"Steinhorn agrees that WWII vets made great sacrifices in wartime, but he believes they failed to live up to democratic ideas after the war. Too many were content to move into suburbs that excluded blacks, join clubs that barred Jews, women and minorities, and support a pointless war in Southeast Asia that killed 58,000 Americans. Surveys showed most members of this generation did not want women to have careers and did not approve of interracial marriages.

[...]Steinhorn argues that Boomers have lived up to American ideals better than their parents, in terms of trying to eradicate racism, sexism and unregulated industry."

Book review for "The Greater Generation" by Leonard Steinhorn
"Regarding Baby Boomers as 'Greater Generation' "

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