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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Above the ruins: surviving the boomer catastrophe

Generation X and proceeding generations will have a lot of burdens placed on them. The Boomers running the government and the corporate world have managed to thoroughly ruin all the enlightened movements they started as young people. Now we have to pay for their corporate greed and mismanagement. Not to mention that (in the US) the Social Security and Medicare programs won't be benefits that we can rely on. And since the Boomers are all going to live longer due to drugs and staying more healthy than their parents, they're going to bankrupt wall street when they start getting their disbursements from their IRA's and 401k's. Japan spent most of the 90's in a protracted recession due to their large retirement population. It's coming for the U.S. next.

"We Boomers Blew It; Teens the Next Hero Generation?"
CNET (blog)

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