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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Has boomer selfishness infected the culture?

While staring at your own reflection in the computer screen last week, lost in dreams all about you, perhaps you noticed a headline on the Seattle P-I's Web site: "Think you're 'special'? That's not necessarily a good thing."

"What? That's crazy. I'm super special," you probably thought. Then you noticed that the story was about people younger than yourself (or, worse yet, it was about people your own age), which immediately ticked you off. Surely you are every bit as selfish and egomaniacal as those trendy hipsters. You have a blog, a MySpace page, Facebook, Friendster and Flickr accounts, and a Team Me T-shirt with your picture on it to validate that claim. OK, you don't, because you're lazy, but you so could. You're just as full of yourself as the next guy.

"Super Special? We're All Part of 'Me' Generation"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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