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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PBS boomer documentary: superficial, self-congratulatory

In keeping with many boomers' "I'm-OK-You're- OK" penchant for unreflective navel-gazing, "Boomer Century" glosses over some of the fallout of the "greed is good" generation (narration rather blandly notes, "Rule-breaking can sometimes lead to immoral behavior"). And the film is practically blind to the fact that subsequent generations have followed the boomers, that the culture at large has come to value youth over all else, that even though we're all living longer, our employers may not want to pay us for our services into our 70s.

That'd be the nightmare scenario for the typical boomer: a prolonged period of irrelevance.

"Boomers Cast a Loving Eye On Their Generation"
San Bernardino County Sun

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