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Friday, March 23, 2007

Don't call us old...we're just "of an uncertain age"

Our fathers’ generation seemed to have a more certain grasp on what it was to be an older man. They knew how to dress the part, what was expected of them, what their duties were, even all of the necessary secret handshakes. They were, after all the Greatest Generation the guys who fought the war that made the world safe for future generations. There was something so John Wayne about them, about their manly certainty. The generation of sons that they spawned, both as young soldiers and then later as heads of state, have waged and mounted two disastrous wars that have left the world less certain. It is a generation of men who are privileged beyond their fathers’ dreams, yet strangely more unsettled about their place in the adamant march of time.

"Men of an Uncertain Age"
Santa Barbara Independent

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