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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dems silent on boomer entitlement crisis

On entitlements, it's a dead certainty that the huge bow wave of retiring baby boomers will begin swamping the federal budget during the next president's second term.

The recent Social Security trustees' report forecasts that the current Social Security surplus will turn into a deficit in 2016. Absent any corrective action, the Social Security deficit would then grow steadily year by year into a yawning chasm as millions more boomers retire and begin claiming benefits.

Medicare spending, $408 billion last year, is projected to balloon from $513 billion in 2009 to $862 billion by 2016. Like Social Security, the bill for Medicare would continue to grow larger each year as ever more boomers become beneficiaries.

"Ducking Issues: What Democrats Aren't Saying"
Human Events

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