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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My aura has a gut: UK boomers obsess about their appearance

Almost two-thirds of baby boomers in Moschis's study admitted they were 'extremely' anxious about changes in their appearance and said they would go to great lengths to look a lot younger than they actually were. This compared with just 35 per cent of their parents' generation. In addition, almost two-thirds of baby boomers thought the best years of their life were already behind them, compared with just 48 per cent of their parents.

"Baby Boomers: Broke, Ailing, and Anxious"
Independent (UK)

Comments on "My aura has a gut: UK boomers obsess about their appearance"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:35 PM) : 

This is truetruetrue. I am a boomer Yoga instructor (yeah, I know. But give me a chance.) I teach traditional REAL Yoga, NOT Yoga for weightloss, Yoga for infertility, Yoga for staying young, etc., and I will tell you that the WORST and MOST OBNOXIOUS students I have ever had EVER are middle-aged women who are OBSESSED with stayingyournglookinggoodtofindamanhaveababyfitintotheir7forallmankindjeans, etc. etc. Sure, let's take a 3k+ tradition and turn it into a middleaged exercise class just to prove you can shake it like you did when you did Jane Fonda aerobics. It makes me ill. These women are fucking nuts. And having a baby at 53?? I suppose if God wanted us to get pregnant in our 5os, he wouldn't have invented menopause. I know women in their early 40s who have had Botox already for Christ's sake. And yes, they are ALL moms. thanks for providing me with a place to vent. I am leaving the teaching profession because I can no longer stand these insane women. They want exercise called Yoga, (why not go to the gym and pound the weights, then? Does every physical art HAVE to be about tightening your flabby ass??), have no desire to learn anything except the most difficult postures, (why doncha try standing up straight up, for once?) refuse to do anything that they can't do (because it might show they don't know EVERYTHING, are obsessed with their weight, and refuse to meditate, turn off their cells, or do savasana at the end of class. If you want to know why the boomers get divorced and remarried every 15 minutes, consider these women who insist that any movement is good only if it HURTS them. Sicksicksick!!!


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