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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Australia: hard-living boomers suffer brain lesions

"Unhealthy lifestyles are having a devastating impact on baby boomers brains according to a report on neuropsychiatry. The post-war generation is developing brain lesions earlier than previous generations. This damage causes thought processes to slow, depression and physical disability, development usually associated with the 60+.'

Did television distort boomer impact?

"Did boomers really invent protest movements, civil rights or the very notion of challenging authority? Of course not. Americans were subverting norms 200 years before 1946, the year that boomers first touched down on Earth. But through TV, we were the first to have the means to broadcast our ideas in a massive way, creating the image that we are mind-blowingly important."

"60 years ago, Boomers hitched a ride with TV"
Oregon Statesman Journal

"We don't care": Woodstock Generation in decline

"We don't want to hear about your anti-aging trends or your miracle supplements or any nonsense about 60 being the new 40. Your run is over, my friends. You're tired and old, and your ability to influence my generation is over..."

"Time to shove boomers aside"
Contra Costa Times

Failed marriages overshadow lonely "Me Generation"

"[T]hey head into their senior years far more likely to be divorced, remarried, cohabiting or living alone. Demographers warn such disruption could leave this generation with weaker family ties, making them more vulnerable as they age and need help."

"Frayed family ties haunt boomers approaching 60"
Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)

A fool and his money: auto execs target wealthy boomers

"These people are coming into money, and maybe their last kid has left home for college and they’ve got some discretionary income and want to buy a car they’ve been dreaming about..."

"Carmakers pamper well-off baby boomers"

Mike Males: typical addict is a boomer

"Mike Males is talking about his generation. They think they're going to live forever, he's complaining. They're in unbelievable denial about their vulnerability. Look at the numbers: dying of drug overdoses in this state at more than twice the rate documented in 1990. Fastest-growing age group for felony and violent felony arrests in California. Biggest demographic for HIV and AIDS cases. One in three not just overweight but obese."

Los Angeles Times Magazine
(via Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice)

Marketing experts: gullible boomers will buy anything

"By refocusing on boomers as they are today, focusing on their psychographic, youth-oriented eccentricities and specialized life stages as opposed to lifestyles, marketers will be better equipped to tap into this vast-and lucrative-market."

Packaged Facts

Anya Kamenetz, author, Generation Debt: Why Now Is A Terrible Time To Be Young

25-year-old Pulitzer Prize nominee Anya Kamenetz is worried about her peers, and herself. In her new book Generation Debt: Why Now Is A Terrible Time To Be Young, the Village Voice columnist outlines the key factors damning her age bracket: student loans with exorbitant interest rates, dead-end, low-paying and temporary jobs, lack of health insurance, Social Security instability, and media, culture and families who view her generation as lazy and apathetic. But, according to Kamenetz, all is not lost, and here she emails Gothamist about not hating baby boomers, activism, job prospects, student loans, collegiate inequality, the state of post-Katrina New Orleans (her hometown), and her hopes for the future.

How about drug boot camps for boomers?

"[I]t is the baby boomers who are suffering the greatest losses from substance abuse, and whose plight is largely overlooked by policy makers."

"Drug Abuse Hitting Middle-aged More Than Gen-Xers."
Psychiatric Times

When hippies never die

"Ray Kurzweil, an amazingly self-absorbed baby boomer, is seeking immortality in the most literal sense of the word. The 57-year-old inventer hopes to annoy the hell out of his fellow earthlings well into the next millennium."

Points of Departure

Boomers: most credulous generation?

"Have a look at the crap this mob have fallen for over the years: Socialism. Gough Whitlam. Eighties materialism. Kaftans. Seachange. Getting yourself covered in mud while listening to shit old bands. Nostalgia. The Rolling fucking Stones, for fuck's sake. This mob will believe any old shit, and believe it enthusiastically. No wonder they're running to alternative medicine and paying good money to iridologists, aromatherapists and homosexualpaths to cure their cancer."

The Spin Starts Here

Long-awaited Baby Boomer die-off to begin soon, experts say

WASHINGTON, DC—After decades of waiting, the much-anticipated mass Baby Boomer die-off should finally commence within the next five to ten years, Census Bureau officials said Monday.

"I am pleased to announce that it won't be much longer now," Census Bureau deputy director Arthur Clausewitz said at a press conference. "According to our statistics, by 2009, we should see the Baby Boomers start to die off in large numbers. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, kidney failure—you name it, the Boomers are going to be dropping from it."

Clausewitz said the Great Boomer Die-Off should hit full stride in approximately 2015, when the oldest members of the Baby Boom generation—born during the last days of World War II—turn 70.

The Onion

Friday, May 05, 2006

Fuck Woodstock