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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Self-serving hippies: rethinking the 60's peace movement

After all, it was the baby boomers' resistance to the draft that finally shut down the Vietnam War ... wasn't it?

Far from it. What is lost in the histories of the 1960s is that the protests then were at heart not antiwar protests; they were anti-draft protests. And once most baby boomers were liberated from the threat of Vietnam service by the introduction of the draft lottery, the fire and anger -- and foot soldiers -- of the antiwar movement disappeared almost overnight.

"Why the Draft is Coming Through the Back Door"
Huffington Post

In NZ: Kiwi boomers: "selfish gits"

Generation X and Y are going ape that the selfishness of baby boomers has frozen them out of the housing market. According to a domestic comparison of house prices with average wages, the average mortgage repayment used to chomp through 40% of the average wage. That was just five years ago.

The boom in property prices now suggests that correlation has escalated to 73%. In Auckland, it is over 90%. In other words, if you are on the average wage in this country - and you don't live in Kaitaia or Kaitangata - forget about ever owning your own home.

"Has the Bubble Burst for Men Behaving Badly?"
Stuff (New Zealand)