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Saturday, August 05, 2006

LTE: boomers at risk of getting AIDS

"We are the largest generation of Americans and as we grow older there will be more of these cases. And they are not among the gay population like many believe. They are mostly women, especially women of color."

"Baby Boomers at risk for AIDS"
Clarion Ledger (Mississippi)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Most popular boomer dream: lose the gut

"Jeff Taylor's company Eons has determined the top 50 goals for Americans over 50 -- with weight loss, writing a book and a Hawaiian trip topping the list.

A press release from the company detailed the top dreams reported by over 5,000 people over age 50 from all 50 states, as part of the company's goal of helping Americans discover and accomplish their dreams."

"Weight Loss Is Top Goal for People Over 50"

In Canada: The SUV curse: boomers facing death-by-smog

"Assuming no changes in air pollution levels over the coming years, the report predicts smog will have a major effect on health care because of the aging bubble of baby boomers.

Specifically, smog-related emergency room visits for seniors are expected to jump by almost 24,000 per year, compared with an increase of 4,000 visits for all other age groups combined, according to the report.

Part of the problem is Canada is a laggard in conservation and a leader in energy consumption, Boadway said."

"Smog Will Hit Baby Boomers' Hearts Hard: Report"
CBC News

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sell out hippies a 'by-line' in history

"...We did change the world, but we stopped short. We joined the Democrats and organized religion, got paid off and ripped off, and became a part of the status quo—a by-line in history. We should have held out, changed the agenda and started our own party—The Hippie Party! Our platform could’ve reflected values like free speech, non-violence, equal rights, love thy neighbor, free love, music, dance, art, the environment, self medication and enlightenment."

"Imagine a Day Without Hippies"
Berkeley Daily Planet

My avatar lives on: boomer web service will include 'death alerts'

"In addition to adding photos and videos to obituaries, members of can sign up to receive an alert when someone from a particular area dies or in response to pre-defined keywords such as a company or school name.

This is similar to email services offered by various other Web sites that alert people when a friend or colleague signs onto a certain site."

"Myspace for Boomers comes with 'Death Alerts'
Sidney Morning Herald (Australia)

Liberty betrayed: boomers won't confront ugly drug war legacy

"The willingness to incarcerate large numbers of people for minor drug offenses is the shame of the baby-boom generation.

A generation of young people in the '60s and early '70s experimented with drugs and for the most part did so with impunity.

Many powerful and successful women and men in our society experimented with drugs in their youth. But their careers were not derailed; their families were not torn apart. Sadly, they are now willing to ignore the fact that another generation of women and men are being incarcerated in appalling numbers for drug-related crimes."

"War on Drugs: Time for Boomers to Fess Up"
Philadelphia Daily News