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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Like lemmings: Boomers line up to buy overhyped retro-rock

Rod Stewart knows about it. So does Elton John. And Barry Manilow. Tony Bennett, to his joy and surprise, is just finding out about it. And next year Earth, Wind and Fire will get in on the act.

The chart-topping but ageing artists have all been on the receiving end of help from their peers. The latest US research shows baby boomers and beyond now account for the largest share of music buyers. Figures compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America show that consumers over 45 accounted for 25% of music sales last year, more than twice the share of any other age group, and up from 15% a decade ago. Perhaps most surprisingly, the over-50s were responsible for 24% of the music industry's online sales.

"Age No Bar as Baby Bomers Rock The Music Industry"
Guardian (UK)

Monday, November 27, 2006

In the UK: Boomer-focused politics fueling political apathy

[I]t is not unusual for the young to be less interested in politics and less inclined to vote than their elders. However, many young people, having been turned off voting by declining ideological differences between the parties and a series of highly predictable election outcomes, may never take up the habit. Out-numbered and out-voted, they are likely to become ever more sceptical about getting things done through conventional politics.

"In Defence of the Young"
The Economist

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boomer Drug Czar demands drug tests in US schools

Students take a lot of tests at school, and they could be taking one more -- a drug test.
On Friday, John Walters, the man who's known as President George W. Bush's drug czar, paid a visit to Jacksonville.

Walters works with the nation's top leaders to help keep the streets drug free. He recently announced new federal assistance to lock up suspected drug dealers.

He's also throwing his support behind some ideas for discouraging drug use among young people. The idea is controversial, but Walters said random drug testing at schools is where more attention should be focused.

"Drug Czar Proposes Random Drug Testing At Schools"

Boomer hypocrisy at its most flagrant. I think we know who has the real drug problem.

If we started packing them all off to drug boot camps, I wonder if boomers would be so quick to jump behind these constitutionally questionable measures.

Hypersensitive boomers resent the aging label

Underwood, speaking at a national meeting of public transportation managers, asked those who qualified as baby boomers if they would avoid using a government service or facility if it contained the words "senior services" or "senior citizen center," even if they needed or wanted the services.

The 50 boomers in attendance answered yes, Underwood said.Their unqualified response underscores the challenge faced by governments, corporations and institutions trying to sell goods and services to a generation that considers itself forever young.

"Eight Words Never to Say to a Baby Boomer"
Arizona Republic

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