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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boomers still shagging like it's 1969

"(Baby boomers) are becoming more inquisitive and experimental," she writes. "They are joining the mile high club for the first time, having sex play in exotic locations, making love nests before the fireplace or in the tree house, and discovering sex toys. ... They are using books, music, yoga, erotica, massage, and videos to help them reach a heightened sensuality."

"Sexual Revolution Still Booming"
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (Indiana)

What HAVEN'T they tried at this stage in the game? Sex with bonobos?

Boomer Congress fiddles while Iraq implodes

While President Bush gleefully and optimistically sends over 20,000 Americans to the hellish quagmire he has created in Iraq, Congress ineffectually argues the merits of one of several ‘non-binding’ resolutions opposing this ‘surge.’ In the meantime, American and Iraqi soldiers and Iraqi civilians are dying, and the frustration of the citizens of America and other nations grows as they watch the unfolding of this tragedy of errors.

"Iraq: Politicians Talk while Soldiers Die"
American Chronicle

Crone vs. Crone: Streisand and Hillary in row over campaign cash

Marc Malkin from E! online is reporting that a political insider tells the columnist that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not too pleased with Babs. Why? Because Streisand hasn't pledged all her allegiance to Clinton in the 2008 primaries. The songstress released a statement last week saying she's donated not only to Clinton's campaign but also to former senator John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama.

"Hillary Clinton Clashes With Barbra Streisand Over Cash?"

National Ledger

Apparently when political power and oddles of cash enter the picture, sisterhood ain't all that "powerful"...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clueless boomers lock up marketing innovators

In Boston recently, Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens were arrested over what has been inaccurately labeled a terrorism hoax -- but was actually a marketing campaign gone awry. Their case presents an unsettling parallel with another crackdown by authorities; the arrests in Atlanta last month of DJ Drama and Don Cannon , two of the foremost figures in the mixtape game today. In both cases, confusion among boomer-age officials about evolving forms of marketing has thrown enterprising young people into the criminal justice system.

"Befuddled Baby Boomers Make Inmates Out of Innovators"
Boston Globe

Is it any wonder the prison population has exploded under boomer leadership?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Symptom of decline: when aging boomers won't let go

It is extremely odd that among the big concert tours this season are those by the Allman Brothers Band, the Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Crosby & Nash, James Taylor, Sting, Jimmy Buffet, and the Who. Imagine if Benny Goodman and Bing Crosby had endured as glamorous, successful pop stars through the late sixties and seventies and into the eighties. Madonna is 48, Rosemary Clooney’s age in 1976.

Does anyone under 40 not resent this generation’s interminable hegemony? That’s why Barack Obama is trying to have it both ways: a 45-year-old trying to pretend he’s not really a baby-boomer.

"The Age of Lame Duckism"
New York

At least they made us chuckle...

Thanks to shared experience and a unique set of comic influences, we baby boomers can count as part of our legacy a distinct brand of humor that at its best (National Lampoon, "Saturday Night Live," "Animal House," "Eddie Murphy Raw," "Seinfeld," "Curb Your Enthusiasm") actually fulfills the promise of our much-touted, often disappointing generation.

"Humor: The Way We Laugh"

Mike Males: how boomers cash in on every over-hyped youth "crisis"

Why do demagogues, con artists and fossils dominate youth-issue discussion today? Because youth policy, like most social policy, has become thoroughly privatized. It's about corporate marketing, not science.

Interest groups and agencies, like beer and fashion advertisers, invest heavily in visceral icons designed to stimulate artificial needs: Sexy seventh-graders! Savage girls! Killer tots next door! Pill-popping monsters stealing grandma's meds! Like commercial hucksters, youth-fearing alarmists brandish hot-button anecdotes and slanted "facts" to sell superficial cure-alls: books, programs, grants, ideologies and personal stardom. They avoid the most critical realities afflicting youth: poverty, domestic violence, massive increases in parents' drug abuse and crime. Reality doesn't sell.

"Whatever Sells"
Youth Today

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boomer retirement could trigger economic "meltdown"

There's a lot you can blame on the baby boomers, the sumo demographic that has given us everything from bell bottoms to those obnoxious "baby on board" signs. But will you be able to blame us for taking the market down when we start to cash out of our retirement plans?

Robert T. Kiyosaki, the incredibly successful author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and a leading-edge baby boomer himself, set up that scenario in a 2002 book, "Rich Dad's Prophecy," but since then other forecasters have found less cause for alarm.

Will Boomers Start a Meltdown?