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Thursday, October 26, 2006

He's not heavy, he's my "Big Brother"

"If we want an image to sum up the spirit of the age, it would be this: a middle-aged man playing air guitar. A mime; a simulacrum; a declaration of unearned, shared identity; a banner of fake democracy; a determined declaration of youthfulness indefinitely prolonged. The air guitar is the Baby Boomers' swastika, their marching banner; the Boomers, now growing old, are running the show; and they are making big babies, not just of themselves, but of the lot of us.

[...]If hindsight now could have given us foresight then, it would have shown us that the image of Big Brother was indeed taking shape, blurrily, like an old-style photograph in a developing tray. However, this Big Brother would have the smirking, neotenous face of a giant baby. And it would be playing air guitar."

"Baby Boomers: and the illusion of perpetual youth"
New Statesman (UK)