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Saturday, July 15, 2006

In the UK: Brit Boomers "embellish" 60's past

"Did 50-something baby boomers really march in all those peace rallies, groove to all those heavy rock concerts, smoke all that far-out dope and have all that wild 'free love'?

Probably not.

A British study has discovered that baby boomers grossly embellish their flower-power experiences. And a local expert says they have good reasons for reinventing their past."

"Boomers Embellish High Times"
London Free Press

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Greedy hippies: has-been rockers cash in on antiwar sentiment

"(Nobody seems to have pointed out to these proud ex-hippies the contradiction between ranting against greed in song - 'They want it all, they want it now,' they sang in unison - and charging between $80 and $200 per ticket.)

The show was unevenly paced. When Nash, pre-intermission, assured the crowd that the concert would go on "for hours and hours," it seemed like more of a threat than a promise."

"In Harmony, On Message"
Philadelphia Inquirer

The "G" word

"Yet that day is here for the 48-year-old Holyoke resident, a registered nurse who loves everything about being a grandma except the name itself.

"I thought grandma sounded so much older than Nana. Nana was cooler-sounding," she said. Like other members of the forever young baby boom generation, she could not see herself being called grandma. So she chose Nana."

"Don't call me Grandma"
The Republican via

Deficit of candor

"The president went to the East Room to crow that the deficit is now projected to be less than $300 billion this year — 30 percent lower than what the administration had forecast in February. As a result, Bush proclaimed, the administration is a full year ahead of schedule on its goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009."

"This is a time when the country should be — or should have been — conserving resources in anticipation of the retirement of the baby boomers. With entitlement spending on health care and pensions set to explode, the budgetary scenario after 2011 is grim, as the administration itself acknowledges."

St. Paul Press via

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New game urges players to "Destroy All Hippies"

"We also have to thank THQ for sending us this latest batch of screens on the forthcoming Destroy All Humans! 2, which, as you can see here, is set in the swinging sixties - you remember, that glorious time our parents go on and on and on about when the world was largely at peace, before everything turned to sh*t. Yes, SPOnG hates the swinging sixties, and all that it has come to stand for, so the opportunity to return there as an alien to destroy a load of daft hippies only fills us with a sense of glee!"

Destroy All Hippies Game

Sisterhood is hell: Boomer women widely disliked as employers

"By all logic, women should jump at the chance to have a female boss. For generations of aspiring professional women, the theory has remained the same: When trailblazing women get to high levels in the work force, they help pull young women into positions of power.

But perhaps older women are less than kind to young women with ambition, a backbone and (heaven forbid) good looks. Maybe they resent young whippersnappers who don't want to pay their dues in the same way that older women had to."

"Most Women Say They'd Rather Work for a Man"
Chicago Sun-Times

For strong stomachs only: Boomer women, younger men

'"Younger guys are more fun," said Mary Walsh, 59, a single woman and nurse in the radiology department at John C. Lincoln Hospital-Deer Valley. "Men in my age group are fat, have high cholesterol and are not in good shape."

A 2003 AARP survey on sexuality among single Americans ages 40 to 69 found that 35 percent of women want to date younger men, and 34 percent are. Three percent of women date men 15 or more years younger, 5 percent date men 10 to 14 years younger, and 11 percent date men 5 to 9 years younger."

"'Cougars' on the prowl - Older women seeking relationships with younger men"
The Arizona Republic via

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From Ukraine with lust: desperate Boomers hunt for wives

"It was three weeks before Christmas, and I was sitting in a Ukrainian business hotel with perhaps thirty men, mostly American and mostly on the later side of middle age, listening as a muscular, impossibly loud ex-radio D.J. who answers to 'Dan the Man' promised that our lives were about to change forever. We were all strangers, but I knew at least one thing about these men: each was there because he was frustrated, angry, and tired of being alone

We were all strangers, but I knew at least one thing about these men: each was there because he was frustrated, angry, and tired of being alone. Each had decided that his best chance at happiness was to pay nearly $4,000 to a company called A Foreign Affair, which would ferry him through Ukraine on a two-week bride hunt."

"A Foreign Affair"

Monday, July 10, 2006

The marketplace of bad ideas: male Boomers "dominate" political blogs

"Kaushansky said male boomers tend to dominate political discussion, but that wasn't the case with Kaushansky said male boomers tend to dominate political discussion, but that wasn't the case with gas prices.

Members of Generation Y made up almost 55 percent of the blogging population during the week ending May 28, but they made up more than 69 percent of the posts on the subject. gas prices."

"Rising Gas Prices Fire Up Bloggers"

Boomer war fever hits a roadblock: medical expenses

"When medical expenses collide with military spending and no more federal debt can be issued, aging boomers will then demand Peace Now! Beat that body armor into artificial hips.

Medical costs for the most selfish generation will devour the bloated budget of 'Defense' like a python swallowing a troop carrier..."

"Healthcare: A Logistically Logical Approach"
Coastal Post (Northern California)

Beyond repair

"As people get older, live longer and medical costs get more expensive, the country will soon have an angry and contentious debate.

We will have to decide whether to limit health insurance to things that will save our lives or to allow it to keep paying for things that make us feel young."

"Column: Bionic Baby Boomers"
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

...Same as the old boss

"It seems that the Baby Boomers, who have always felt comfortable in challenging authority, have become the authority figures; and it’s kind of a scary thing. That topic came up a few months ago in a conversation with some other Boomers — that as our immediate predecessors, those ten or 20 -some years older than us, people we’ve worked with at our jobs and churches and on community issues have passed on, we have increasingly found ourselves as their “replacements.”'

Boomers Beware! We’re Becoming ‘The Man’