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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gun-toting police confront hippies

"Members of the Rainbow Family of Living Light say they are being unfairly targeted by law enforcement officers monitoring their campsite in Big Red Park in North Routt County.

A confrontation between the two sides reached a boiling point Tuesday when Rainbow gatherers allegedly threw sticks and rocks at U.S. Forest Service officers stationed at a checkpoint near the campsite. Rainbow Family members say the officers drew their weapons and threatened to shoot gatherers' pets during the hour-long incident."

"Hippies Unhappy About Treatment"
Vail Daily

In a time of war, uncertainty, Boomers still cling to "grand expectations"

"For one thing, they imagine themselves to be 10 years younger than they really are, Gillon says. And with their characteristic optimistic attitude, it is hard to convince them that, when it comes to retirement, it is later than they think.

It's a troubling scenario to Margo Anderson, a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who studies demographics.

She won't make predictions, but Anderson notes that the boomers find themselves in a peculiar position as they move toward their 60th birthday..."

"Graying Boomers Hang On To Expectations"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Friday, June 23, 2006

Boomer charged in on-line child sex sting

"Gary Lee Adams, of Lynch Station, started communicating online Monday with an undercover deputy who was posing as a young girl, and during the exchange of instant messages, Adams solicited his correspondent for sex, authorities said.

The online conversations continued Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Wednesday Adams traveled to Bedford County for an arranged meeting, authorities said."

"Campbell Man Charged in Child Solicitation Case"
Roanoke Times (Virginia)

In Canada: jilted Boomer wife "too bitter to work," seeks continued support

"The Supreme Court of Canada is set to rule Wednesday in a spousal support case that could reintroduce the concept of fault into the federal Divorce Act.

Gary Leskun, who abruptly left his wife of 20 years to marry another woman in 1998, is appealing lower court rulings that maintained Sherry Leskun's monthly spousal support on the grounds that the woman, now 59, is too bitter to work."

"Supreme Court Set to Rule on Whether Cheating Spouse is Debilitating"

Study: with Boomers, it's still all about sex

"When it comes to the success of their relationships, 84 percent of baby boomers rank sex as important or very important, a U.S. survey finds.

In fact, the number of boomers, in the survey by Harris Interactive of 2,000 married baby boomer men and women, rank sex as more important to a successful relationship than having enough money -- 72 percent -- or good health at 78 percent."

"Boomers: Sex Most Important to Marriage"
United Press International

PA going boom, governor says prepare

"To prepare for the wave of Baby Boomers who are nearing retirement age, Governor Edward G. Rendell has directed all agencies under his jurisdiction to develop plans to meet the challenges of serving an older population. By 2020, one in four Pennsylvania residents will be over the age of 60.

"This year, an estimated 124,000 Pennsylvanians are celebrating their 60th birthday - and they represent only the first wave of our state's 3.4 million Baby Boomers," said Governor Rendell. "My 2020 Vision Project will require all commonwealth agencies to be prepared to meet the needs of Pennsylvania's changing population."'

"PA Governor Rendell Directs State to Prepare to Serve Larger Population of Older Adults"
Yahoo News

Night of the living boomer: Is your town next?

"Due to an influx of older couples, fewer people inhabiting the larger homes and little room for new housing, Newburyport officials view the data as a sign that the city's population may be maxed out for now.

"People have been predicting the baby-boomers would start making changes in their lives, and we're starting to see it," Keenan said. "We see a lot of 55-and-older folks moving out here. Their kids have left home, some are downsizing, and they want to be near the beach."

"No Room to Grow Census Estimates Show City Population May Be Maxed Out"
Daily News Online
Newburyport, Massachusetts

Thursday, June 22, 2006

$800 for your sole...

"For runners, walkers and many other exercisers, a satisfying workout often involves no small amount of abuse to an intricate piece of sports equipment — each foot and its 100-plus parts. So when your heel hurts or your ankle throbs, investing up to $800 in a pair of prescription orthotics, customized insoles designed to slip into a sneaker or shoe, often seems worthwhile.

Advocates say that the surge in custom orthotics has to do with their effectiveness and with growing demand. Baby boomers who participate in more strenuous sports than their forebears did in middle age don't want to be sidelined by foot pain.

But while there is certainly a place for them in many shoes, some foot specialists and athletes say that custom orthotics are overprescribed. Some research indicates that in many cases less expensive prefabricated inserts may work just as well."

"Do You Really Need an $800 Custom Insole?"
New York Times

US healthcare: Technology over affordability

"Americans are spending a third more on healthcare than comparable nations and are set to spend even more, an adviser to three American presidents told a recent conference of medical insurers, organised by the International Federation of Health Plans.[...]

Prof Altman became a health policy adviser to President Nixon at the age of 32, and performed a similar role for Presidents Reagan and Clinton. He said that if there was any doubt about how the 1960s 'baby boomers' were going to increase pressure on healthcare budgets, one had to look no further than Bill Clinton, who would be 65 in 2011.

He had already undergone a heart bypass - and he was an example of what the future held, with longer lifespans requiring more surgical procedures."

"Money Hasn't Bought Long Life, Says Health Adviser to Presidents"

Better than a cure for cancer...

"Scientists may have found a proverbial fountain of youth, a drug that appears to slow and even reverse the physical effects of aging.

In tests on nearly 400 men and women aged 65 and older, drug giant Pfizer's experimental pill significantly boosted levels of a hormone behind the growth spurt at puberty."

"New Drug Would Postpone Old Age"

Boomer accused of raping autistic teen

"Another of the indictments handed down by the grand jury was against Dan Charley, 51, of Pell City, who is charged with first-degree rape.

Charley was the founder and director of Charlie Angels Ministry Group Home, which operated in the Brookside Apartment complex in Pell City for about six years, serving special needs children."

"Howard, Charley Indicted by Grand Jury"
Daily Home (Alabama)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New book: how boomer hysteria undermined our freedoms

"Indeed, Mrs. Lovejoy, the preacher's wife in The Simpsons who is always screaming 'What about the children!?' could be an icon of the era. As Baby Boomers aged -- the 18-year-old dope-smoking hippy in 1972 was a 28-year-old parent in 1982 -- libertine attitudes toward drugs curdled into fears of what they would do to the kids, radical feminist concerns with liberating women's sexuality curdled into fear of marauding men who rape women and sexually abuse children..."

"DRC Net Review Essay: Drug Policy and Prohibition in Context"

You may never watch TV again...

"They say life begins at 40 – and so could your modelling career.

Beauty, it seems, has broken through the age barrier as businesses cash in on the grey pound.
According to Fashion Capital the mature market is on the up.

“Change is on the horizon. The future predicts that the over 60s will soon out number the under 25s and with it a change in attitude towards this rapidly growing and prosperous market,” they say."

Feature: Are you the ‘past-it’ girl?
Creative Match

Canada's millionaire "boom"

"The strong Canadian markets and Baby Boomers entering their prime earning years sent the number of millionaires in the country to 230,000 in 2005, a 7.2% increase from the year before, according to data compiled by Merrill Lynch and consulting firm Capgemini.

High-net-worth individuals are considered to be those with over US$1-million in financial assets, which does not include their primary residence or assets, including artwork and cars. Seventy percent of Canadians falling into that category are over 50 and one-third of them are over 70."

"Canada's Ranks Swell to 230,000"
National Post

Don't take the car, you'll kill yourself...

'“I’ve sure gotten old: had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, I’m half blind, can’t hear so good, have trouble remembering things… but, thank God, I still have my driver’s licence.”

That joke, or something like it, has been making the rounds lately in the baby-boomer crowd, of which I am a member, as we realize that eventually we may have to give up the comfort, security and independence of having a car at our disposal.

Statistics show that although mature drivers (65 years and older) do not drive as much as they did when they were younger, they are having more accidents than any other age group, and these accidents tend to be during daylight hours with good road conditions."

"When is it Time to Stop Driving?"
Canadian Jewsish News

Red badge of Alzheimer's

"The Red Patch(TM) Alert is an iron-on emblem worn on the shirt, blouse or jacket much like on a uniform. The patch alerts anyone spotting a wanderer that they are memory challenged and have wandered off. "There is no need to feel your loved one is being labeled as an Alzheimer's patient wearing this patch," say the Glenns. "If they ask what it is, simply tell them it means there has been an angel assigned to them assuring they won't get lost or hurt. We have determined it is this simple: 'lost or labeled - it's your choice.' It is our hope that the public will take it upon themselves to become those self- assigned angels assisting America's memory impaired and that the Red Patch(TM) Alert will increase public awareness much like the Amber Alert has for lost and abducted children."

More than four and one half million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and with Baby Boomers nearing retirement age, these figures are expected to rise to an alarming 25+ million over the next 10 years."

"New Red Patch(TM) Alert for Alzheimer's Patients and the Memory Impaired"

In Australia: time for boomers to "move over"

"Blame it on the Boomers: they framed the policy that ensures permanent full-time work is out of younger people’s reach; insisted on payment for higher education; and fostered competition, consumption and individualism.

Move over Baby Boomers, it’s time to let someone else drive the car."

"Boomers: your time is up..."
On-Line Opinion

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Studio Fifty-Something: Bridgeport mayor apologizes for cocaine and alcohol use

"The mayor of Connecticut largest city admitted on Tuesday to using cocaine while in office.

"Over the course of a number of years, I abused alcohol and cocaine occasionally. About a year and a half ago, I recognized that I had a problem and sought professional help to address the issue," John Fabrizi, Bridgeport's Democratic mayor, told a crowd of close to 100 municipal workers."'

"Connecticut Mayor Admits to Cocaine Use"

Related Story:

"Mayor Fabrizi Phoned Alleged Dealer"

"At least 13 phone calls were placed from Mayor John Fabrizi's city-issued cellphone to an alleged cocaine dealer between October and December 2004, the Connecticut Post reported Sunday.

The report comes after federal prosecutors inadvertently filed a court document last week indicating that the same man, Shawn Fardy, 36, had a videotape showing the mayor of Connecticut's largest city using cocaine."

Hartford Courant
Hartford, Connecticut

Boomer funerals for fun and profit

"No, what you need is something truly defensive -- something where growth is virtually guaranteed, an investment that's untouched by the U.S. Federal Reserve's next move or China's inflation rate or the election of some socialist in Bolivia. We're talking about the death business.

Okay, so maybe it makes you a bit squeamish to talk about profiting from the demise of millions of baby boomers. The first members of that generation are turning 60 this year. Richard Bernstein, Merrill Lynch's sharp-eyed chief investment strategist, put out a note yesterday with some investment ideas on the theme: surgical centres, pharmaceuticals, skin care products. But he neglected to mention funeral companies."

"How About a Sector with a Guaranteed Supply of Customers?"
Toronto, Canada

Boomer bikers urged to take training courses

"This year's Bike Week in New Hampshire was one of the deadliest in memory. Ten people died during the event, the highest total in at least six years, according to the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency.

Thomson has urged bikers to take training courses, offered by the state and private instructors. Of the 69 people who died in motorcycle crashes in 2004 and 2005, only three of the bikers had taken the training. He said the training would especially benefit newer bikers, many of whom are baby boomers who are riding for the first time or haven't ridden for years."

"Bike Week Deadliest in Six Years"
Concord Monitor
Concord, New Hampshire

Monday, June 19, 2006

In Australia: We "sold out" admits boomer activist

"When I use those words among young people here, there is hope and energy and idealism, so I'm quite hopeful about this next generation. I think my generation, Baby Boomers, sold out to the consumerist, materialist dream a lot more significantly than the one coming up. That's my intuition."

"One Man's Vision"

Immigrants to keep real estate market afloat after boomers sell off

"For Pritz Oliver Guasa, it was important to become a homeowner when he arrived in America from the Philippines a year ago.

Amid the debate in Congress about how to deal with undocumented immigrants, one thing is clear: As far as the housing market is concerned, the welcome mat is laid out for immigrants such as Guasa. Government programs are in place to encourage homebuying by minorities, and the housing industry is counting on their demand.

Some housing experts believe immigrants will prop up the housing market as baby boomers retire and cut back to one house."

"Help Is Available for Immigrants Seeking Mortgages"
Belleville News-Democrat
Belleville, Illinois

Immigrant nurses needed to care for ailing boomers

"A critical shortage of nurses has compelled Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, like hospitals across the country, to hire more foreign-trained nurses.

Driven in part by the advancing age of baby boomers -- both patients and nurses -- hospitals are turning to nurses trained overseas. American schools simply aren't turning out enough graduates to fill the void, hospital officials say."

"Hospitals Bring in Foreign Nurses: Another perfect storm: nurses retiring, aging baby boomers, and a bottleneck in nurses training"
Ontario, California

Learning English: obstacle to replacing retiring Iowa boomers

"Some Iowa students who are learning English don't receive enough help. Leslie Mata was one of them.

Although Leslie was born in this country, Spanish is her first language the main language spoken at home.[...]

Beyond the moral obligation to help them succeed, Iowa's self-interest is at stake: The state needs all students to become productive members of the workforce, to replace Baby Boomers as they begin to retire."

"Offer More Help to Learn English"
Des Moines, Iowa

Social spending cap proposed to control deficit spending before boomers retire

"Serious budget process reform is necessary. Federal spending has leaped 45 percent since 2001 to a peacetime record of $23,760 per household. Even worse, the impending retirement of 77 million baby boomers threatens to push Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid spending to levels that would require European-size tax increases or the elimination of all other government programs."

"The Stop Over-Spending Act: A Real Opportunity to Limit Spending"
The Heritage Foundation

Boomer couple cop plea in affordable housing scam

"Kirk Alter, a professor at Purdue University, and his wife Pam bought the deed-restricted single-family house in the Wellington Neighborhood in July 2004. The Alters paid $305,000 for the new two-story, three-bedroom, two-bath home. At the time, the couple signed an affidavit stating that one of them was employed within Summit County at least 30 hours a week.

During the 18 months the Alters owned the house, it appeared they only visited the neighborhood a few times, town prosecutor Seth Murphy said. [...]

The affordable housing crunch is not unique to the Colorado mountains. Wealthy baby boomers are affecting housing in many markets. McCabe said his Aspen office receives inquiries about how to deal with violators from as far away as Florida and Hawaii."

"Breck Affordable Housing Scofflaws Cop Plea"
Summit Daily News
Frisco, Colorado

Barely in office, Boomer Congressman breaks spending pledge

"Despite these strong words to clean up the earmark process, Bilbray promptly voted YES on the T-THUD appropriations bill yesterday, which contained over 1500 earmarks ($), most of which weren't even in the final bill, but secretly hidden in committee reports."

"Lend Me Your Earmarks"
Hit and Run

Boomer: The WWII generation wasn't so "great"

"Steinhorn agrees that WWII vets made great sacrifices in wartime, but he believes they failed to live up to democratic ideas after the war. Too many were content to move into suburbs that excluded blacks, join clubs that barred Jews, women and minorities, and support a pointless war in Southeast Asia that killed 58,000 Americans. Surveys showed most members of this generation did not want women to have careers and did not approve of interracial marriages.

[...]Steinhorn argues that Boomers have lived up to American ideals better than their parents, in terms of trying to eradicate racism, sexism and unregulated industry."

Book review for "The Greater Generation" by Leonard Steinhorn
"Regarding Baby Boomers as 'Greater Generation' "

Sunday, June 18, 2006

UK boomers drinking too much according to study

"An expert group commissioned by NHS Scotland has found older people are drinking considerably more than previous generations.

It has suggested lowering the recommended level for safe drinking for baby-boomers, as the body's ability to cope with drink decreases with age."

"Over 40s Warned To 'Drink Less'"
BBC News

Poverty among women expected to swell as boomers retire

"Adeline Brown had other plans for retirement.

She never dreamed she'd lose her house and car, be forced to take odd jobs to supplement her Social Security and stretch her dollars by going to a barbershop instead of a beauty salon.

[...]Long overlooked, these women have begun to gain the attention of policy analysts and lawmakers who expect the number of poor older women to swell as 40 million baby boomer women retire."

"The Gender Gap Endures, Even In Retirement"
Seattle, Washington

Ex-hippies reluctant to wear hearing aids

"The average wait is seven years, once they've been diagnosed with hearing loss, to do anything about it,' said Suzanne Wyatt, executive director of the Ear Foundation. One of its missions is to educate people about hearing loss prevention and early detection.

She attributed such reluctance to the boomer generation's 'not wanting to succumb to having to wear a hearing aid.'"

"Baby Boomers Ignoring Their Hearing Loss"
Houston Chronicle

Mike Males blasts Boomer Myspace panic

"Of course, the mass media freak-out over imaginary Internet perils has nothing to do with young people’s safety. It’s about giving self-interested grownups yet another forum to boost books and programs, peddle censoring software, grab grant funding and flatter themselves by demeaning adolescents."

" Menaces Teens? C'mon!"
Youth Today