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Friday, January 12, 2007

Boomers form lobbying group

In Washington, where every special interest has a lobbyist or at least a spokesman, baby boomers now have their own practice group.Public relations biggie Fleishman-Hillard Inc. has launched what it calls FH Boom, a practice that targets baby boomers, those folks roughly between 42 and 60 years old. The demographic is about 78 million people.

"The Birth of FH Boom, a Pro-Boomer Lobbyist Firm"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boomers ponder tarnished legacy

...[If] we, the Baby Boom generation really took an honest assessment, we would have to admit to a dismal performance. What kind of world are we leaving behind?

"The Baby Boomers' Last Chapter"

Huffington Post

Do as we say: media, government ignore boomer drug abuse

Why are so few Americans aware of these troubling trends? One reason is that today's drug abusers are simply the "wrong" group. As David Musto, a psychiatry professor at Yale University and historian of drug abuse, points out, wars on drugs have traditionally depended on "linkage between a drug and a feared or rejected group within society." Today, however, the fastest-growing population of drug abusers is white, middle-aged Americans. This is a powerful mainstream constituency, and unlike with teenagers or urban minorities, it is hard for the government or the news media to present these drug users as a grave threat to the nation

"It's Baby Boomers Who Are Real Drag"
Houston Chronicle

I have no problem viewing boomers as a "grave threat to the nation"...

A plea to grabby boomers: don't bankrupt the country

Born in late 1945, I say this to the 76 million or so subsequent baby boomers and particularly to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, our generation’s leading politicians: Shame on us. We are trying to pillage our children and grandchildren, putting the country’s future at risk in the process. On one of the great issues of our time, the costs of our retirement, we have adopted a policy of selfish silence

"The Mess The Boomers Are Making"
The State (South Carolina)